Unexpected banner apparition with Arabic text on a government-owned building in Texas


“I have sent Mr. Loomis (the City Manager) an email requesting that we remove the Arabic flag from the Omni building, that we take all steps necessary to secure the building and that Chief [Greg] Stevens notify the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and the Lubbock Sheriff’s Office,” Robertson said in a public statement. “(…)I believe that we must take this situation seriously in light of current national and international events”, he added. The sheriff’s department had received three reports of trespassing at Citizens Tower since 2014. “You see a black flag with white writing and automatically people are going to assume that it’s ISIS related. [But] when you don’t have all the information at the beginning you should always side on the side of caution because it is better to be safe than sorry,” David Villarreal, Director of the Language Laboratory at Texas Tech said.


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