Stolen cheese in Wisconsin


“This was not a one- or two-person job.” the police concluded. But is not an isolated case. A week earlier, another cheese heist occurred less than 200 miles away. Approximately $90,000 worth of parmesan cheese was missing from a logistics or storage facility in Marshfield. Previously, in the past, in 2013, about 42,000 pounds of Wisconsin Muenster cheese manufactured by K & K / Old Country Cheese Factory and worth about $200,000 was stolen from Pasture Pride Cheese in Cashton. Police in Germantown are looking for suspects.  Anyone with information about the Germantown theft is asked to call (262) 253-7780 or the Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line, (800) 232-0594. The latest news: police announced they located the cheese products in Milwaukee, but no other information was available. No one has been yet arrested.


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