A 71-old woman slashed in the face with razor in Manhattan subway train


The suspect is described as a light-skinned black or Hispanic 18-year-old man, wearing a red sweater and black sneakers. The police has no one in custody yet. Authorities are now reviewing surveillance footage. What it seems to be an “to be explained” problem is the use of a razor as an weapon in many attacks reported throughout the city in recent weeks.

A social worker, Anthony Christopher-Smith, was randomly slashed in the face in broad daylight in the East Village on Jan. 19. A slashing attack previously occurred Jan. 6 along a Chelsea street, sending a 24-year-old to the hospital with a pair of inch-long wounds above and below her lips and a third wound on her nose. On Dec. 16, a Chinese exchange student was attacked while walking to school in Queens by a man dressed in a surgical mask and suffered two deep wounds to her face. On Dec. 10, a madman, ranting about tourists in Midtown, slashed a 30-year-old Brooklyn man on the head…and such examples could continue.


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