Atlanta police stop rapper outside bank after he withdrew $200k


The rapper related how it all happened so fast. He went to the bank to get the money from his bank account as he planned to buy a luxury car. As soon as he walked out with the money he heard police asking him to get down on the ground and put his hands above his head. Not only was the rapper rushed but during this whole time police officers pointed guns to his head. When they found the money on him they confiscated the large sum. Blac Youngsta details how a witness that saw the whole thing publicly stated that he shouldn’t have had that large sum. He explained to the reporters “I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?”

Eventually the situation was cleared out. It seems that the police officers were looking for another man and they accidentally thought the rapper was their guy as he fit the suspect description. According to a bank teller police forces were looking for someone who wrote a bogus check. Benson, who initially planned to buy a Maybach, was given back his money. He declared that after this whole incident he changed his mind and he will buy a Ferrari instead. And who knows, he might even write a song about what happened and turn it into his next hit.


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