US Army will pay people $200 to eat nothing but MREs for 3 weeks


When war fighters are overseas it can happen that they begin suffering from gastrointestinal distress after eating something off the local economy. In order to prevent this, scientists want to increase the amount of beneficial gut bacteria. Studies show that MRE meal is lacking some of the inedible but necessary compounds natural foods contain. Dr. J. Philip Karl explains that exactly these components play a critical role in what he calls “gut health”.

The purpose of the study is to maybe improve the MRE meal which was designed to be the main food source for soldiers during field missions. During the study data will be gathered in order to provide some numbers which could help scientists. Sixty participants will form the control group. They will maintain their regular diet. A MRE meal contains close to 1250 calories. This is engineered with precision in order to deliver nutrition and calories needed for the duration of an entire day in mission.


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