2016 New Year celebration in the American style


About 6,000 uniformed and undercover police officers, 500 more than last year, patrolled the area, with the force bolstered by mounted patrols, bomb-sniffing dogs, radiation detectors and hundreds of surveillance cameras. The city deployed its new Critical Response Command, which includes more heavily armed officers trained to detect and respond to attack. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security ranked the Times Square celebration as a level-2 concern on its five-point scale of security risks for major public meetings. The event, broadcast live on national television, went off without a hint of trouble. The transition to the new year was marked by the descent of the traditional lighted crystal ball – which is 12 feet (3.6 meters) in diameter and weighs nearly 6 tons – from atop a skyscraper at the center of the famed Manhattan crossroads. Fireworks exploded above, sending flashes of light and wafts of smoke through the square. It was a real celebration of the New Year coming, in the American style.


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