McDonald’s manager gunned down in Los Angeles


At this moment in time investigators still don’t know what led up to the deadly . One witness described to the authorities that without any warning he heard gunshots. There was “no yelling or nothing. Just gunshots”, the witness described. Friends of mr. Woods explained that the man was not involved in any gangs. What makes things even more unclear to the Police is that the man was described to live a simple and trouble free life. “That’s why I’m so surprised because nobody ever think that he would get shot or hurt because he’s always at work, always at work. If he’s not at work, he’s at home,” Knowlodge Monroe said. So far there are no suspects in this case. Los Angeles Police Department’s Southwest Division asks anyone who has any information regarding the incident to call (213) 485-2582 as soon as possible.

Both his wife and his father left a note on the makeshift memorial found at the site of the man’s death. Cheyanne Woods was thanked for everything he did for his loved one in a note that was signed “forever your wife”.


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