New rules proposed in California for testing self-driving cars


“While it is exciting, it is also something very serious that we need to ensure we get right, ” said Bernard Soriano, the deputy director of the California DMV. For now the DMV is targeting cars in which someone is present behind the wheel, but the driver can remove his hands from the wheel, feet from the pedals and eyes from the road while still being able to take back over if needed. And finally, what is difficult for manufacturers to achieve is also a new and difficult task for regulators because the DMV had the experience of testing whether humans are capable of driving safely enough, but it lacks experience in determining that a robot can drive safely. During testing period, manufacturers will be approved for three-year permits and will have to make regular reports on their vehicles’ safety, performance and usage. The DMV says it wants public input on its draft regulations before starting the formal rule-making process and will hold a workshop in January and one in February.


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