Drones owners must be registered now in the U.S.


If younger children are the drone owners, the parents are expected to do the registration. Serious penalties were announced: up to $27,000 for civil violations and $250,000 for criminal acts, with up to three years behind bars. The FAA prohibits the use of unmanned aircraft within 5 miles of any airport within the U.S. without permission from air traffic control. In fact, the owners of the drones are considered a new sort of aviators who must have skills and specific responsibilities. A system that uses software to limit where unmanned aircraft can fly will already be used. In the future, a traffic control system similar to the one currently in use for manned aircraft it’s supposed to be in use. This will provide to drones operators corridors of navigation and some important information about severe weather and wind avoidance, congestion management, terrain avoidance, route planning and re-routing.


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