A baby girl with a brain tumor is in a better state after the Pope Francis kissed her head


Parents Joey and Kristen Masciantonio decided to do one more round of chemo before withdrawing treatment forever and they did also another thing: they obtained a pass to see the Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia. A security guard brought the baby forward and the pope kissed Gianna’s head, in the street where they were at the time. Months later,Gianna has a better state. Nobody has the authority to say the meeting with the pope and his kiss on the head produced a miracle, but it was something good for her. It’s sure that strong faith and hope can change lives and probably about this moment more people will talk later again. “The kiss was God’s work, that’s for sure. But, the miracle was Him giving us the platform to reach those doctors who, ultimately, played a major role in saving Gianna’s life.” Gianna’s father said.


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