Flights were barred from landing at San Diego airport due to active shooting in the area


The violent gunman armed with a long range, high powered rifle weapon shot at officers from a top floor apartment when they arrived. Fortunately none of the officers or other people were injured. With the gunman in the apartment barricaded himself in a bedroom and authorities using tear gas inside the building in the multi-unit residential condominium building in the Banker Hills community, a negotiation process began. “Stay away from all windows until further notice and shelter in place,” the San Diego police department warned. “Residents stay inside and public stay out of area,” they said again. The police chief was at the scene. No other info was available at this time.



San Diego police took into custody the gunman.An AK47-type weapon and a handgun were found in the apartment.Titus Colbert, 33,will be charged with attempting to murder a police officer.He IS a gang member with a serious criminal record.



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