Pittsburgh airport could soon have 250 video poker and slot machines


The bill which is still considered to be a “work in progress” is now considered by many as a “viable alternative” to raising personal income taxes during negotiations and more importantly sales. This could help end the state budget impasse according to the committee’s minority chairman Kennedy Township.

Video poker, as most of casino games, has its pros and cons. Plus – is a low entry threshold. Do not study the Talmud by type of poker, no need to spend hours practicing in front of a mirror trying to makefamous “pokerface”, and last but not least the player does not need to look for partners. Once a player sees the machine – he sits down and starts playing. Also many online casinos can offer different types of video poker, so one can continue playing the games after arriving home from the airport. Video poker was invented back in 1891, in Brooklyn, one of the boroughs of New York City. Two enterprising citizen Sittman and Pitt invented infernal machine. It was a metal box with five reels, which were glued to the card. The drums are driven via a lever. Video poker’s rebirth dates from 1967, when the American company took out Dale Electronics closet dusty drawings of the first device, and using the power of his technical genius revived the idea of video poker.
The first video poker machine became renewed «Poker-Matic». The machine has one line and the first game is not impressed American gamers. But, gradually, the audience all started strongly to feel the breath of the electronic age. The game with more than a century of history has not lost on the road to success and each year grows stronger!

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