Trevor Thomas, the blind hiker, is a very special person from the world


In his case, more is hiking alone, only with his dog, in the mountains. There were no tactile maps he might interpret with his fingers, no guides in Braille or in audio form at that time. He also knew that GPS was not accurate enough for a blind person to be able to pinpoint exactly where they were. But he was unstoppable. First, he achieved the Appalachian Trail which means some 2,180 miles (3508 km) through the Appalachian mountains on the eastern edge of North America. He completed his trail in six months and two days. After, Thomas continued to hike different trails and by 2011, he had hiked 12,000 miles. Why he did this and what is the satisfaction he can have ? “When I reach the end of a trail I remember how it feels. I feel the stones under my feet. I remember the smells, the sounds and the effort I made to get there – those are the things that remain with me, they’ll just remember the view”. Remember ? I has told you he is a very different person. No many others can imagine only what he is doing as a completely blind person !


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