An 8-foot king cobra snake escaped and is searched near Orlando


A single king cobra bite delivers enough venom to kill an elephant or up to 20 people. This snake’s owner has the proper permit to keep it and also is an experienced snake handler. The home from where the snake escaped is owned by Mike and Valerie Kennedy, a couple known for Mike’s starring role on Discovery Channel’s “Airplane Repo.” Kennedy owns Dragon Ranch, a non-profit animal sanctuary, that’s run out of his home. People who see the snake are asked to call FWC at 1-888-404-3922. “Most likely nobody is going to see it. We believe it’s going to stay on the property here, which is a heavily wooded area.,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Capt. Chris Roszkowiak. Cobras are omfortable in trees, on land and in water and can live in the wild up to 20 years.


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