Armed veteran kills security guard and then himself in a federal building


It is still unclear what was the reason why the shooter broke into the Manhattan building that houses the regional office for the Department of Labor, a passport processing center and an immigration court. The circumstances surrounding the attack are still under investigation. The security guard who was killed was initially supposed to finish his work shift at 4 p.m, before the attack, but agreed to work an extra shift that day. Kevin Downing worked in the past at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and until recently he was collecting Veterans Affairs benefits. John Miller, police Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Antiterrorism, explained that it is still unknown whether former federal employee Downing had worked in the building in which he shot 53-year-old Camara at close range.

The events unfolded rather quick after the armed veteran slipped into the building which is one mile and a half away from the World Trade Center through a side door. He killed Camara, a well trained and extraordinary Senior Guard, who unfortunately had no chance to defend himself even though he was armed. As the attacker rushed to the elevator he ran into another employee and that is when he decided to commit suicide. A court order was issued to allow federal agents to search Downing’s suburban home for anything that could help with the investigation. Right now detectives and federal agents believe that most likely the man acted alone. And while for now investigator believe that what happened was not a terrorism act they can not explain why this really happened.


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