Accidental Siri 911 dial saves man’s life


It was Siri, who was about to prove the world that “life-saving” can be added to the list of cool things it can do.

The man was able to “push up on his hip” to activate Siri and finally request a 911 call. When he was transferred to a 911 operator the man asked for help and thankfully everything went smooth from there on. Although he was trapped for about 40 minutes, time in which Ray shouted for help while nobody heard him, he lived to tell a wonderful tale. With three broken ribs, third-degree burns to one of his arms and with a bruised kidney his condition was not that good but considering what he has been through the man is happy he survived.

Sam Ray’s rescuers are LifeFlight and Rutherford County EMS, Sheriff’s and Fire team and the doctors over at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. But the iPhone’s built-in “intelligent assistant” that enables the phone user to speak natural language voice commands also gets big credits for the accidental “butt dial” that helped things go on as they did.


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