Obama administration will impose even steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions


The Obama administration announced what they call “the most significant step the U.S. has ever taken to fight global warming” only a year after proposing unprecedented steep cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants in order to lower existing carbon dioxide limits. According to a video Obama posted on Facebook: “Climate change is not a problem for another generation,” Obama said. “Not any-more.”

After intensive consultations with the energy industry and with various environmental groups, Obama administration officials announced they will mandate a 32 percent nationwide cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, compared to the levels from 2005. While the limit was raised from 30 to 32 percent, in return states were given an additional two years — until 2022 — to comply. Reactions to this announcement were mixed. While many have seen that this is a clear sign the focus will move on renewables, opponents said they would sue the government immediately and ask in court that the rule will be put on hold until all legal challenges are handled.


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