Urine-resistant paint keeps walls clean and sprays it back on peeing perps


However, such a solution would require added monthly costs which nobody wants. In San Francisco authorities have found another solution which promises to bring the same results without any extra added costs. According to Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, several walls in San Francisco will be painted with UV-coated, urine-repellent paint that will spray urine right back at offenders. Before the solution could be tried at a larger scale a pilot program will run to see in what percentage will authorities be able to discourage people from peeing at many of the existing hot spots.

Nobody wants to smell urine. Mohammed Nuru explained that they are “trying different things to try to make San Francisco smell nice and look beautiful.” The idea comes from , where it is successfully used in Hamburg against hard-partying teenagers. Ten walls have already been painted and plans are to paint soon some more. Until the results justify this investment the city can only hope that people will begin to avoid public urination. It has been punishable by a $50 to $100 fine since 2002 but until now it didn’t really help reduce these problems.


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