US Government requests Twitter users’ information


Twitter always complied to these requests and didn’t complain until now.

Although some might wonder what’s wrong in sharing user information with governments of different countries, the answer is obvious: People’s privacy is at stake! Today the big social platform company published what it calls a “Transparency Report”.

According to the report the US government stands on the number one spot for Government Institutions that requested the most amount of information. Twitter refrains from making accusing comments but gives the following list:

  • US made 679 requests for user information
  • made 98 requests for user information
  • Canada made 11 requests for user information
  • UK made 11 requests for user information

All the above requests were made until this date during 2012. US has some excuses though. Independence day is tomorrow and US has to ensure nothing disturbs the celebrations. Most of the US government requests for user information from Twitter were made these last couple of days.


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