Medical marijuana not yet allowed in Colorado State as a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder

Nine states allow physicians to recommend medical marijuana for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) patients but even if voters in Colorado agree that marijuana could be applied for recreational use and some medical use, Colorado health officials on Wednesday rejected a bid by medical marijuana advocates to put cannabis on a list of approved treatments. The Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2 to reject a petition for PTSD to be included as a "debilitating condition" that can be treated with medical pot .Unfortunately.

They argued that there is no study and clinical trials to prove that pot is good for PTSD. “22 veterans a day across the country [are] committing suicide” Teri Robnett, director of the Cannabis Patients Alliance said. They suffer from several military combat sequelaes.

The drug has psychoactive properties and could ameliorate their symptoms. John Evans, a spokesman for Veterans For Freedoms, which lobbies for medical pot use to treat PTSD symptoms, said the board cited insufficient medical evidence that cannabis helps those afflicted with the mental-health condition. Fortunately, some people suffering from PTSD currently use the plant to address their symptoms, because they can obtain the plant at recreational dispensaries or get a doctor’s prescription to obtain one under the “severe pain.”