Man offers $10000 reward to whoever helps him find a girlfriend


When asked about trying other alternatives to finding a date Ren answered: “I’ve done dating websites and I’ve met people through friends.. I’ve done dating websites and I’ve met people through friends.. Look at it this way: if you work 12 hours/day, how would you want to spend the few waking hours you have left? Probably not standing around in a bar with your fingers crossed. This is way more fun for me. I don’t know if this is an improvement. But it’s something new so I thought I’d give it a shot.”

On the University of Virginia alumni Ren You tries to explain his current situation and the conditions in which he will award the reward. One of the main clauses is that he and the recommended date stay together for at least 6 months in order for the reward to be offered to who recommended his date. While most of us would find Ren’s idea rather strange it seems the man already received over few hundreds applications mainly from mothers that wanted to recommend their daughters. It really takes an open-minded person to give in to this abnormal approach to hopefully finding love.


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