Dozens sickened at a California water park


However, the remaining affected people from Prewett Family Park in Antioch, California had to be transported to a nearby hospital.

The city of Antioch manages the facility which includes five pools for fitness and swimming instruction, plus slides and attractions. Attendance during this time of year is very high and as expected many of the park visitors are kids who come with their parents. According to some eye-witnesses some of the children that felt sick even vomited or experienced a burning throat. When asked about the incident fire marshal for the Contra Costa County fire protection district had the following to say: “Every few years we do get something that happens like this… We have several water parks. It’s not unheard of. This one is unusual because of the number of people”

Currently investigators are still working on finding the cause of the exposure. While the investigation is still ongoing, officials wanted to announce that in order to avoid incidents like this in the future the city is expected to make any needed changes.


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