Bad weather with storms, floods and tornadoes, Sunday, in many U.S. States


Many others were reported missing. Hundreds homes were damaged and even destroyed. Rescuers used pontoon boats and a helicopter to pull people out because Blanco crested above 40 feet, more than double its flood stage of 13 feet, swamping Interstate 35 and forcing parts of the busy north-south highway to close. Trinity River, Red and Wichita rivers also rose far above flood stage. About 1,000 people were evacuated in Central Texas. This year, Oklahoma City has recorded 27.37 inches of rain. Last year the same area got only 4.29 inches. Five San Marcos police cars were washed away. A tornado struck Houston with winds of about 100 mph. Colorado. western Arkansas, Missouri and parts of Kansas were too water-logged.For the instant not optimistic prognosis to spread.


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