Man lost his RV after Wii gaming console caught on fire


According to a fire department spokesperson indeed “all other possible sources of ignition have been ruled out”. The victim, Trevor Pellegrin explained that he did nothing special in the day his home caught on fire. He used the gaming console to watch Netflix and before preparing to go to a meeting where his attendance was required he powered off the device as he always did. While the gaming console was indeed powered down it was however left plugged in. This was the mistake the if avoided would have helped the man avoid his tragic accident. The failure may have been aggravated by circumstances specific to Pellegrin’s home but most people in U.S. leave their powered down devices plugged in.

Pellegrin detailed the horror he went through: “I was coming back from a meeting and a I got a phone call from my neighbour that my camper was on fire. … I was crying, I was screaming, I was still trying to get my things out of there,”. Firefighters explain that this is possible because in an event of something sparking or overheating a blaze of fire can easily form after nearby fabric or cushion ignites. In order to determine if the console was really the one to cause the fire, Insurance adjusters will use an X-ray to examine it in order to be able to determine if it was actually the source of the fire.


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