Baltimore man gets 20 years sentence over $45 worth of drugs


Then he was lucky enough to have his 20-year-old suspended by Maryland Circuit Judge Lynn Stewart-Mays. However, he got his second chance to a life outside prison with a warning. If he were to violate his probation in any way, he will face the full term.

The case of possessing a quantity of marijuana that wasn’t even enough to “roll you a decent joint”, as one Maryland District Judge suggested in the court of law, eventually sent Ronald Hammond in jail for 20 years. It turns out that possessing $5 worth of weed was enough to be considered as probation violation.

This is how in total $45 worth of drugs sent Hammond 20 years in prison. The unfortunate turn of events forced the man to fight the court’s decision. Ronald Hammond, who considers himself a changed man, doesn’t believe he deserves to go to jail for such a long time. As a result he is now appealing in court. This is just another example of how what would seem for some as an excessive is really possible because of current drug policies.


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