A teacher is hailed as a hero after stopping a gunman, at the North Thurston High School in Lacey


“He’s a very large guy, he’s a very popular teacher”, that is how Olson is described,  being hailed as a hero. Students were released to their parents after the at the school in the morning. School district spokesperson Courtney Schrieve said: “He is a very brave man who probably saved a lot of people today.” Many Twitter messages were addressed to Mr.Olson after the event, like those, even all in capital letters: “MR OLSON DESERVES A MEDAL. HE IS NOT ONLY LIKE A DAD TO EVERYONE BUT HE IS THE BEST TEACHER I KNOW. MR OLSON THANK YOU;” “Mr.Olson is my hero. Forever thankful for him;” “I owe mr. Olson my life . I think we all do.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to do that.”

The student who used the gun  had just transferred to the school last month. Any other details about his identity or motivation for this action were not released. He was apprehended by Lacey City police.


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