Expert in cybersecurity suspected himself by FBI


“We can still take planes out of the sky thanks to the flaws in the in-flight entertainment systems. Quite simply put, we can theorize on how to turn the engines off at 35,000 feet and not have any of those damn flashing lights go off in the cockpit,” Robert publicly said. He is known as one of the world’s foremost experts on counter-threat intelligence within the cybersecurity industry and has consulted with numerous government and private clients to identify threats to financial and intellectual property, customer data and other protected information, being regularly engaged with various government agencies on critical security issues of national importance. That means he even met with the FBI at the agency’s request three times after the agency asked for his guidance on protecting airplanes from cyberhackers. This time, he was suspected himself to potentially doing such things. FBI agents confiscated Roberts’ numerous electronic devices and computer files including his laptop and thumb drives and demanded he give them access to his data. At this time is not specified if there is a real accusation against him.


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