Lacey Spears sentenced to 20 years in prison after deadly poisoning her son with salt


Spears continued to ensure that Garnett was getting sick so that she could receive online attention via her social media channels and she even maintained a blog. So, in her case it’s about Munchausen by proxy syndrome. “She continued to portray him as a sick child for her own bizarre need for attention,” Westchester County, N.Y., Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said. Prosecutors concluded that it was a serious and orchestrated series of actions from her part. Defense attorneysfiled an appeal Wednesday. Spears pushed the blame of her son’s death onto doctors. Munchausen by proxy is a disorder in which, in some cases, caretakers purposely but secretly harm children and then enjoy the attention and sympathy they receive. Spears, an Alabama native, was living with her son in Chestnut Ridge. When he died, she moved to Kentucky afterward and was living there when she was arrested.


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