Eyewitness News reporter dies from brain aneurysm while on assignment


Colagrossi first realized something went horibly wrong when she entered the van after she finished what was to become her last live shot. There she told her colleague: “Oh my God, something is wrong,” Not feeling well she was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing more the medics could do in order to save the her.

Her husband Todd and their two sons Evan and Davis are mourning the woman who worked as a reporter for almost 14 years. She joined the WABC team in 2001 after the NYC World Trade Center attacks. The WABC team also shared their thoughts of compassion on Facebook after they announced the loss: “Lisa Colagrossi, Eyewitness News reporter, anchor, wife and mother, has died at age 49. Lisa suffered a brain hemorrhage while returning from covering a story Thursday morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.”


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