American Airlines needed a public confrontation to take the right decision about a refund request


Unexpectedly, the carrier refused to offer a refund for deceased’s girl ticket. The company even sent a letter to Cantrell family saying: “The ticket purchased is non-refundable so we cannot offer a refund, issue a travel voucher, or transfer this ticket to another person.” It was, however, a very special and easy to understand situation and the mourning family shared their negative experience and frustration on Facebook. Their action was strong motivated at the principles’ level. “We can’t be the only family this has happened to. (…) I would never want to be treated that way and I would hope no one would ever treat anyone else that way, “ Mr. Cantrell said and people confirmed this is a very strange decision of the carrier. Tuesday evening, American Airlines got in touch with the family, apologized for how the situation was handled and refunded the ticket. Only it was quite late to prove normality and this is not a good thing for their reputation, we think.



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