Fashion and Firearms – an event for armed women, in Indianapolis


“Sometimes you want to wear a cocktail dress and sometimes you might be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. There’s no reason just because of your lifestyle or where you’re going that day or what you’re wearing that you shouldn’t be able to be protecting yourself,” said Cathy Brown Fashion and Firearms Event Coordinator. Models walked the runway, showing off trendy ways to carry a gun. The major purpose of the event was on safety, and this because on safety last month a Michigan woman died when a gun she was carrying in a bra holster misfired. Organizers say women carry differently than men. Men were welcome to attend. On their list of vendors and sponsors were between others:  A Shot of Jo, Ammo Designs by Stacy, Bullet Designs LLC, Damsel in Defense, Innovative Tactical Concepts, RA Securities, The Well Armed Woman, Tactical Firearm Training, 911 Defense, Acme Sports, US Defense Solutions, Proven Solutions …and more.


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