Sprint agrees to share stores, RadioShack files for bankruptcy

RadioShack is just another retailer which has been struggling for some time to make it on a market where consumers rather choose online shopping. Operating 4,000 company-owned stores in the US, US. RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Fortunately for RadioShack fans world-wide Sprint announced it will work with investors behind RadioShack to make sure that the electronics chain will still live under the two brands.

General Wireless and Sprint struck a deal. Together they will have 1750 jointly branded store in which the two companies will sell both RadioShack and Sprint products and services. Filing for bankruptcy marks an historic moment: RadioShack is no longer the publicly owned and independent company it was for nearly a whole century.

During this time a wide-range of electronic products attracted customers to RadioShack. As different time periods changed the market the company tried to reinvent itself more than a few times. At one time it actually re-branded itself as "The Shack". This meant the beginning of a period where the stores were shifting towards the sell of mobile products and drones. The company used to even sell branded gadgets for which it charged a premium due to the lack of alternative options available for consumers. Now, all original RadioShack stores will surely close. The company announced though that it is in negotiations with other companies to sell the rest of its assets. Amazon, who has a strong online presence, is reportedly also interested in buying some of the stores.