Three feet of snow, powerful winds and snowstorms expected Monday in New York


Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy urged people to have at least three days of food for themselves and their pets on hand before the storm starts. A blizzard warning has been posted from New Jersey to Maine’s border with Canada. Three feet of snow from New York to Boston are expected. Philadelphia may get 14 to 18 inches and Trenton could pick up as much as two feet, the weather service said. Winter storms will manifest from Indiana to Maine. 1,717 flights  had been canceled across the U.S., with 461 from La Guardia Airport, according to FlightAware. “Life-threatening conditions and extremely dangerous travel conditions” were announced in the warning posted for New York. Secondary roads may quickly become impassible. New York City schools will be open Monday with anticipated closures on Tuesday according to New York City Mayor.


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