Mexican search party still looking for American missing for 4 days


He and his wife Ad Purkh Kaur went to Tepoztlan, a frequent weekend getaway for Mexico City residents, to a yoga retreat. Khalsa , who according to his wife is an experienced hiker, left the retreat with only a handful of trail mix, a water bottle and a knife. He was headed towards one of the whimsically-shaped cliffs and mountain peaks with wearing just his shorts and a T-Shirt. His wife last heard from him on Tuesday when the man initially sent a photo of him self on a mountain top looking down onto the yoga resort and two hours later she got a text message from him saying: “I accidentally summited another mountain. Looks like I’ll be a little later coming back. Save me some lunch if you can.”

The search for the missing American includes three helicopters and 250 people who help with the search. Carlos Mandujano, the civil defense coordinator for the state of Morelos, told the press on Friday: “Our orders are to do everything humanly possible”. Over 80 people of the gathered search party were dispatched to an area in the mountains where one of the helicopters captured a heat zone later on Friday with the help of its infrared camera. Khalsa’s wife is very worried, especially since her husband doesn’t have much survival training. When asked to comment about the outcome of the current search she said: “I don’t have any other choice than to believe 100 percent we’re going to find him”


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