Man from Colorado buys PS4 bundle from Walmart but gets rocks instead


A Walmart employee allegedly informed the man that the bundle he was about to buy was just returned by another customer who no longer wanted it. Baksht now also recalls that when a Walmart employee picked up the box it seemed a little bit heavier than he remembered but the man was so anxious to get the present for his niece that he ignored this.

When Igor Baksht got home with the gift and opened the box he allegedly found no console inside. Instead he found two bags of rocks which were carefully packaged. He tried to return the console to a 24-hour Walmart but there a Walmart employee allegedly refused to accept the return. The given reason was that any purchased item must be returned to the store from which it was purchased. Walmart was hit by many scam attempts lately, many of which had been successful. Probably this is one of the reasons for such a policy.

Infuriated, the man called the corporate offices once he got back home and after he explained the entire story Walmart agreed to give him a full refund. When asked to comment he had the following to say:

“I never stole anything in my life. The most criminal thing that I have, I got a driving ticket… If they give me a PS, I’ll take a PlayStation if they give me the same bundle that I paid for. If they give me another console plus two [Sony PS 4] games, I’ll take that, but if they don’t have it, I’ll take the money back and buy it from somebody else.”


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