A newborn boy in a subway train on Christmas


On Thursday, a woman went into labor in the subway, inside a packed Market-Frankford El train, and people in the train car watched as the two transit police officers helped her give birth. The woman’s water broke as the train headed for the 15th and Market streets station. Passengers on the eastbound Market-Frankford train said the officers helped coach the woman through the delivery, removed the umbilical cord from the boy’s neck and placed him in her arms. The mother and newborn were reported in good condition at the hospital. The two officers were happy for what they did.”We delivered a baby for her, so it’s like her Christmas present, but it’s also like a blessing and present for myself.” Caban said. With three kids of his own and a pregnant wife at home James said, simple: “Just a good Christmas, you know.” A name for the newborn boy was not yet revealed. “What better day than Christmas to have a baby born?” SEPTA Transit Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel said.


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