A Boston woman teacher donated her $150,000 prize to her school


“I want to thank Nikki for your kindness and your humility, and you are certainly a shining example of great things to the city of Boston. We are grateful for your hard work and generosity. You have inspired lots of people with your selfless act,” Mayor Marty Walsh said. This fact occurred just a few days before Christmas, this week, and proved once, if needed, that in the spirit of common people giving to enjoy others is the biggest self satisfaction which can be obtained in the life. “We’re Tigers, so what are our tiger values?” Bollerman asked her students  after her donation, according to media sources.

Nikki Bollerman is a third grade teacher at UP Academy in Dorchester. She entered a Capital One contest that asked what her wish for others was this holiday season and her wish was  a book for each of her students. “It’s the season of giving and I was able to grant this wonderful wish,” Bollerman said after winning the important prize.


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