The “torture report” revealed methods used by CIA to interrogate terrorism suspects


President Barack Obama said the report detailed a “troubling” program and showed that “some of the actions that were taken were contrary to our values.” This report offered details about many brutal ‘techniques’ used against the persons in detention, as waterboarding, exposure to extreme cold shackled to the floor, sexual threats, deprivation of sleep for up to 180 hour, rectal feeding and rectal hydration, total darkness in isolated cells, loud noise. In many cases psychological effects from interrogation were hallucinations, paranoia, self-harm and self-mutilation.

Related to this report, even the U.N.’s special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism and civil rights advocates called for prosecution of U.S. officials, a law enforcement official said the U.S. Justice Department had no plans to conduct any investigation of the CIA’s actions.


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