Small private jet crashed into a house in Maryland’s Montgomery County


The crash happened less than 1 mile from the airpark.” It was a ball of fire. It was terrible”, a man who lives near the crash site told to the media. The fire sent a large plume of smoke into the sky. A total of three homes were damaged as fire from the crash site spread. All three people on-board the plane were killed. Michael J. Rosenberg, the CEO of North Carolina-based Health Decisions, was among the three fatalities on the plane. There was light snow in the vicinity of the Montgomery County airport at time of the crash there were no reports of any icing issues. The three residents of the home that was hit, a mother and her two children, remained unaccounted for, according to Montgomery County Fire chief Steven Lohr.

The plane was built in 2009 in Brasil and was owned by a company from Florida. Planes fly low over the neighborhood every day in Montgomery County, residents say. National Transportation Safety Board records registered at least 14 plane crashes in Gaithersburg since 1995.


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