People stabbed in Amtrak train this Friday in Niles, Michigan


The ongoing investigation shows that the attack happened in the train while it was near Niles, Michigan, around 100 miles east of Chicago. The train left from Chicago and was going to Port Huron, Michigan. Eye witnesses told investigators what they saw and heard. Some were preparing to get off when they suddenly heard screaming.

A woman who saw the attack initially thought the man was punching his victims but soon realized what was happening when she saw the butt of the knife handled by the attacker. At around 7 p.m the incident was reported to the Police with a call to 911. The suspect was tasered and was taken into custody as Police stormed the train to get him. An Amtrak employee is among the 4 stabbed victims. Amtrak Police Department is helping Niles city police with its investigation.


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