CNN starts investigation after months of using Shawn Parcells as an expert


The grand jury from St. Louis County decided not to indite Wilson. A CNN report which aired two days after the decision revealed how Darren Wilson had shot Brown six times. The autopsy results and conclusions were presented in a high-profile press conference which took place the day after the examination was finished.

Parcells took center stage. He introduced himself as a professor and as he quickly became a prominent figure in the case he was interviewed numerous times in order to discuss the findings of the autopsy. Now, after all this time CNN reports that Parcells was not who he claimed to be. He was no professor at the Washburn University and he did not earn a master’s degree from New York Chiropractic College. He doesn’t even have a graduate degree and he conducted a 2012 autopsy in Missouri without a licensed pathologist present. The information for this CNN exposé was available to CNN reporters more than a year ago.

When asked, Parcells had the following to say: “Look, you’re going to smudge my name? Then do it back in August,”. Furthermore, he believes that the accusations brought against him are honest mistakes. He explained that only after the autopsy had been completed all these points were discussed with Brown family attorneys.


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