Thanksgiving preceded by winter storms and cold weather in the U.S.


Schools and businesses closed in some areas and state government offices let workers go home early. Much of the west coast is braced for a heavy rain and possible snow through the weekend. 748 flights were canceled Wednesday because of the rain and fog and more 4,794 were delayed. Only in neighboring Connecticut, state police recorded at least 125 accidents. In the same area, more than 7,000 homes and businesses were also without power. The Defense Department said it would open unused military airspace for commercial flights through Sunday. The Maryland State Highway Administration warned people to watch out for icy patches Thursday morning. It’s an intense travel time. The airlines say 24.6 million people will fly this week . 84,000 people were planning to depart the Washington region’s three big airports where delays were reported.  It’s cold, but for people interested, the ski areas received enough snow for this weekend.


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