Popular NYC restaurant fined $5000 over single-gender Craigslist advertisement


When questioned over the ad she posted the woman explained: “Didn’t think much about it. Just put an ad for hostess/coat check.. I just wrote it as I would write any other ad”. The word hostess caught the attention of city’s commission on human rights. They always monitor such ads so when Lara’s ad was posted they responded to the advertisement with two CV’s: one of a woman and one of a man.

The popular restaurant from New York city is now accused of gender discrimination and was issued a $5000 fine after the commission had proof that from the two ad responses they sent only the one with the woman’s CV was opened on specific date. Lara claims though that both CV’s were checked but none of the two candidates qualified for job. She enforced the idea that while maybe the male’s CV might not have been checked on the same day when the woman’s CV was checked they still considered this CV later on.

The restaurant owner, Giuseppe Bruno, explains that the accusations are insane. The restaurant works with people of multiple nationalities and although the phrasing of the ad might have been misfortune they don’t do any kind of discriminations. Upper East Side restaurant Sistina has currently 23 employees(3 of them are women).


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