Campus shooting at Florida State University’s Library, 3 people wounded


The attacker wounded two students and an employee and finally was fatally shot by police near the entrance in the Library. One victim was critically wounded. According to police reports in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he was living before, he recently quit his job and broke up with his girlfriend. Michael DeLeo, the police chief in Tallahassee, appreciated that “Mr. May was in a state of crisis.” In fact, the authorities discovered journals and videos written by May in which he expressed fears that government agencies were targeting him, so he had an obsession in his life. There are about 40,000 students in the campus. After incident, campus security was increased and classes were canceled on Thursday.

“Another campus . Yet we still haven’t started even a dialogue on keeping guns from criminals and the mentally ill,” Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida wrote immediately on his Twitter page.


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