Mass murderer Charles Manson, 80 year old, will marry in prison


Elaine spent the last nine years of her life trying to help exonerate him and declared she loves the man. The marriage will be officiated in prison but the man and woman will be separated for many years to come because Manson is a life prisoner with no parole date, and it’s eventually eligible for family visits in 2027. Elaine Burton knows this but want to be married to have access to information available  only for relatives. “I think it’s insane,” appreciated Debra, the sister of the victim Sharon Tate. She is acting as a spokeswoman for the families of Manson’s victims. Charles Manson was musician, isnger-songwriter on the fringe of the Los Angeles music industry. He believed his murders would help precipitate an „apocalyptic race war“ based on the text of a song of Beatles. He was initially convicted for death , which was commuted in life imprisonment.


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