The book about the US operation to kill Osama bin Laden got in trouble its author


His losses will amount to at least $8 million after he agreed to surrender most of the book’s proceeds. He also is expecting troubles to find consulting jobs, speaking engagements and future employment. That is why he decided to fill a lawsuit against his ex-lawyers for malpractice for advising him it was OK to publish his book. Attorney Kevin Podlaski and the Carson Boxberger LLC firm in Indiana are asked to pay unspecified compensatory damages. Bissonnette always had intended to donate a substantial portion of proceeds from the book to charity. His decision to write this book was motivated by good intentions: “He was devoted to not disclosing anything he thought could be used by America’s enemies. To insure he complied with all his obligations of confidentiality, he sought out legal counsel to advise him,” the lawsuit said.


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