Tax on consuming sugary drinks imposed in Berkeley city, California


The hope is that imposing a tax the consumption will be reduced, with a benefic effect on the people’s health: less sugar means fewer cases of obesity and diabetes. 30 previous attempts to introduce a soda tax in US states and cities failed so this is expected to be considered a precedent. However “Berkeley doesn’t look like mainstream America,” said Christopher Gindlesperger, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association.

Here are some comparative info about many drinks regarding their sugar content (from data on the nutrition label): Coca Cola 12 oz (355 ml) Can, Sugars, total – 39g; Coca Cola  20 oz (590 ml) Bottle Sugars, total – 65g; Coca Cola 1 Liter (34 oz) Bottle Sugars, total – 108g; Mountain Dew 20 oz (590 ml) Bottle Sugars, total – 77g; Mountain Dew 1 L (34 oz) Bottle Sugars, total – 124g; Rockstar Energy Drink  8 oz (240 ml) Serving Sugars, total – 31g; Red Bull Energy Drink  8.3 oz (250 ml) Can Sugars, total – 27g; Vitamin Water, B-Relaxed Jackfruit and Guava Flavor 8 oz (240 ml) Servin, Sugars, total – 13g; Sobe Mango Melon 8 oz (240 ml) Serving Sugars, total – 29g and more.


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