90-year-old man arrested in Florida for feeding homeless people


A new law – which has come into effect or is planned to in Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, and Philadelphia – was passed last week banning people from meal-sharing with the public. This, and the arrest of Abbott and of two ministers from the Sanctuary Church, which prepares hundreds of meals to dish out every week in their kitchen, disgusted people in Fort Lauderdale. Mr. Abbott was shocked because one of the officers asked him to drop the plate as if he had a gun in his hand. He justified his charity action saying: “These are the poorest of the poor, they have nothing, they don’t have a roof over their heads. How do you turn them away?”

Mr.Abbott was previously banned in 1999 to give food to poor people and he sued the City of Fort Lauderdale. He is now planning to do it again and probably he will have support from many others.


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