Dog helped police in Alabama to arrest his owner


In fact, according to Prattville Police spokeswoman Paula Barlow, after Henderson took off running because the police arrived at his 1622 County Road 85 home, the dog followed his fleeing master. Henderson had run into a wooded area and was hiding. The dog and found it in a tall grass area. At this point, when requested by a police officer “to get him” the dog executed command against his owner. Edwin Henderson was arrested and charged of failure to obey police, manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia (related to methamphetamine and components). Bo was a mixed breed of Pit Bull and Huskie. It’s not a rare case when dogs shows a sense of duty determined by their good behavior. “Our officers were very hard to keep drugs out of here, We hope this sends a message that drugs will not be tolerated here,” Barlow said.


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