Healthy nurse who worked for Ebola patients rejects quarantine, in Maine


Kaci is self-considering in “perfectly good health” and she said she poses no risk to the public. The state officials warned they would “take additional measures and pursue appropriate authority to ensure [the medical personal who treated Ebola patients] make no public contact” if the rules were not followed voluntarily. The state’s governor, Paul LePage, had ordered state police to the home where Hickox was staying and said he was seeking legal authority to have officers keep her there. “I am thankful to be out of the tent in Newark,” she said, “but I found myself in yet another prison, the nurse said. For the instant, Kaci Hickox ignored recommendations and went bike riding with her boyfriend Ted Wilbur Thursday morning. They were followed by state police which do not have the authority to restrain her without a court order. According to her attorney, she had only agreed to remain home for two days.


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